Spiritual retreat in Marrakech & Sahara

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Retreat in Marrakech & the South Morrocan Sahara

(from 8th till 15th of November 2014)

“Rebirthing – Liberation – Healing” *


(according to Yogi Bhajan´s teachings)

With Jai Hari Singh

Kundalini Yoga Master- Healer- Coach

We invite you to share with us this process through deep meditations, so we may rebuild from bottom up our family relationships, so we become aware of painful memories from the childhood and release ourselves from unnecessary burdens of the past, so we heal what prevents us from moving forward and prosper in life… It’s time for us to be happy, to leave our fears, our traumas and our sensations of panic behind…

Jai Hari Singh

*The Retreat will be taught in English (translated to French by Jai Hari Singh himself and at the same time to Spanish by Sarbpal Kaur)


What is this workshop all about?

«Rebirthing, Liberation, Healing» is a therapeutic workshop which is based on yoga and “meditation/medication” which will take us through our personal histories (ancestors, conception, pregnancy, childhood, teenage years) thanks to practising deep meditation, according to Yogi Bhajan’s teachings.\r\nThis therapeutic workshop contributes to the deep transformation of the Self, thanks to the internal work through the technology that Yogi Bhajan taught us, building a link at that very moment, with the heart and the internal self. And above all, this process will take us, at a subconscious level, to the mental, physical and spiritual space of “cleaning the house” from any sensation of pain, traumas, weakening of emotions which have not been adequately assimilated, frustrations, fear that dwells in us, anger that result from all these undigested feelings, depressions and “heart´s illnesses” which hinder literally the awareness of the present moment, because of the anxieties we experience all the time and separate us from the sensation of the divine presence of ourselves. We will explore together our liberation through a process of rebirthing and personal healing thanks to this ancient technology of healing our “Self”. We will do that in the best possible environment for contemplation and silence: the Sahara desert in the heart of the South of Morocco.


Who is Jai Hari Singh?
Jai Hari Singh2

Born in Paris, France (17/04/1952), Jai Hari Singh has been living in México for more than 40 years now. He has been working as a High Executive in the Telecom Industry and has been teaching Kundalini Yoga for more than 30 years. He is a healer and a coach of High Executive and Officers of the Mexican Government. He is now President at the Foundation yogasomostodos, AC, an organization which carries the mission of making yoga and meditation available to anybody who wants to earn a better quality of life and explore an authentic relationship to him/her self and to others.


Who may be interested?

Everybody who has a desire to work internally and spiritually through yoga and meditation (you do not need any previous experience)\

Everybody who already practise any technique of yoga and meditation and want to broaden and understand better their meditative experience and the self

Anybody who is a yoga teacher

Anyone decided to explore the paths of the soul



  • 8th of November. Arrival to Marrakech at the Hotel Zamzam Riad & Spa – Rest
  • 9th of November. Yoga – Meditation – Healing – Walking around – Shopping
  • 10th of November. Journey through the mountains of the Atlas to Ait Ben Haddou – Arrival around 1pm – Afternoon or Evening: Yoga – Meditation – Healing
  • 11th of November. Journey to Camp Adounia – Arrival around 1pm – Afternoon or Evening: Yoga – Meditation – Healing
  • 12th & 13th of November. Stay at Camp Adounia – Morning & Evening: Yoga – Meditation – Healing
  • 14th of November. Leave for Marrakech and stay the night at ZamZam Riad & Spa
  • 15th of November. Coming back home or travelling on by ourselves 



Deadline Payment 2d of October included (Means they can still deposit the 2d of October)

  • Single sharing: 1,080.00 Euros or 1,500.00 USD
  • Couple: 2,000.00 Euros or 2,800.00 USD (has to be paid in one single deposit)
  • Single in Single Occupancy: 1,620.00 Euros or 2,250.00 USD


Deadline Payment 31st of October included (Means they can still deposit the 31st of October)

  • Single sharing: 1,200.00 Euros or 1,680.00 USD
  • Couple: 2,250.00 Euros or 3,150.00 USD (has to be paid in one single deposit)
  • Single in Single Occupancy: 1,800.00 Euros or 2,520.00 USD


After 1st of November Last minute Registration upon AVAIBILITY and CONFIRMATION

  • No cancellation after 15th of October 2014
  • When deposit has been made a 30% administrative fee will be retained in case of cancellation and reimbursement.


These prices DO INCLUDE:

  • Airport transfers to the Hotel and back
  • 3 nights in Medina Marrakech (1st, 2d and last night)
  • 1 night in Ait Ben Haddou with views of the kasbah
  • 3 nights in the Sahara at Camp Adounia
  • Jai Hari Singh – Workshop- Yoga- Meditation programme “Rebirthing, Liberation, Healing” *
  • Yoga mats and cushions
  • All vegetarian meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner + Tea all day/Water)
  • Non alcoholic drinks
  • Landcruiser transport with AC to the desert with professional drivers
  • Injury Wafa Insurance; covers injury to clients – anyway it is recommended all guests to take out their own travel insurance and to travel with a credit card in case of emergencies.  Guests need to tell their bank they are travelling to Morocco so that the bank allows them to use their card there.


These prices DO NOT INCLUDE:

  • Flights from where people come from – to Marrakech and back.
  • Personal expenses


Guests are required to fill a form with personal Health & History sent to them when a first deposit of 50% has been made


Info for Morroco:

Bank Account in Morroco:

JB RETREATS ARL n022450000220000500198653



Info for Europe & Rest of the world (except Mexico):

Mrs E Joyston-Bechal

York Terrace



Bank Information

First Direct

Adress: 40 Wakefield Road, Leeds, UK

LS98 1FD

Account Number – 52163292

IBAN number – GB40MIDL40478052163292

Branch Identifier Code



Info for Mexico:
Bank Account No: 50020454226
Banco Inbursa
CLABE: 036180500204542266
Email: yogasomostodos@gmail.com

Info contact in Morrocco: Mrs Emma Joyston-Bechal emmajoystonbechal@gmail.com

Info contact in Mexico: Jai Hari Singh ssjaiharisingh@gmail.com


Ecological Camp Adounia

The ecological camp next to the dunes offers raw luxury. Each tent has quality mattresses, linen and pillows, rugs’, solar-powered lighting and handcrafted furniture and slippers. The en suite bathroom tents have a toilet, washbasin and wash area. Hammam towels, soaps, argan oil, and other ‘goodies’ are also provided. Due to the chronic shortage of water in the desert, instead of a shower two 20-litre silver pewter buckets are provided with hot and cold water. The bucket wash is incredibly invigorating and uses a fraction of water compared to a shower. Warm water can be delivered to your tent when needed.

The wind in your hair, sand on your feet and cool water to refresh you at night before dining under the stars and climbing into Egyptian cotton sheets. Our Berber Nomad Team full of powerful energy, drum to the rhythm of the Sahara around the camp fire whilst our superb chef (trained in the UK and Morocco) and nutritionalist creates delicious fresh vegetarian meals. Make new friends, laugh a lot and unwind in this totally natural and energising environment, experiencing the best of both worlds.


 Sahara camp1


Respectful Retreats – Environmental Promise

The environment and unspoilt landscapes of Morocco are core to us at Morocco Retreats, providing a pure energy in which to heal. We are privileged to be surrounded by millions of miles of uninterrupted wilderness and it is a pleasure to share these spectacular spaces with our Morocco Retreaters. We always take care to enjoy this beautiful environment with respect.

The future of our planet hangs in balance so we are respectful and do not leave rubbish behind. We are careful to clear up after ourselves, leaving the environment ready for the next visitors whether they are local people, birds or other animals.

The Morocco Retreats core value is respect and honour for the dignity of all persons and species. In Morocco we are slowly seeing an emergence of eco tourism and environmental education at a grass roots level. This is exciting and something we promote.  Morocco Retreats believe in respect for local people and different tribal groups in Morocco.   Our Camp has been built and run in an ecological manner.

 flyer-marruecos-sahara1 flyer-marruecos-sahara2

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