Trip – Yatra to India 2017

2016-11-23 Kiret Naam

Embark yourself on a transformative experience:

  1. Retreat-Workshop «Rebirthing, Liberation, Healing». Perform a deep introspection through your personal history to clear the subconscious of the pains that prevent your liberation.
  2. Yatra. Travel to sacred places and connect with the ancient wisdom of India and its people.You can participate independently in the Retreat-Workshop (Part One), Yatra (Part Two) or the complete Journey. No part of the trip includes travel to and from Delhi.





FIRST PART. Retreat-Workshop Rebirthing, Liberation, Healing.

You have to depart from your own city on Friday the 1

Arrival to Delhi 2d of Sep. In the night or 3d of Sep soon in the morning

Participants to the Yatra will be picked up and taken in charge at their arrival at the Airport in Delhi, Indira Gandhi.

3d of Sep. Rest, shopping and visits to Temple, Mosques and Gurdwaras (Bangla Sahib) in Delhi.

2 nights at Le Meridien Hotel (5stars)

4 of Sep. Departure in Train and Taxi/Bus to The Sattwa Retreat Center near Rishikesh/Haridware: The Sattwa Retreat


Rebirthing, Liberation, Healing between the 5th of Sep. In the morning and the 10 in the morning (5 days).

10th and 11th of Sep. We stay at the Sattwa Retreat Center, but we have freetime to spend in Rishikesh. Transportation after Brekfast, Return after the Aarti at the Ganges (8pm).

12 of Sep. Rishikesh-Haridwar- Delhi (by taxi/bus and train)

13th of Sep. Teturn back home for some




For the people just arriving for the second part, they have to arrive to Delhi the 11th of Sep. In the night or the 12th in the early morning.

13th of Sep. Flight to Varanasi

14th of Sep. Staying in Varanasi (Early morning on the Ganges, Visit of the city, Sarnath)

2 nights at the Ramada Hotel (4 stars)

15th of Sep. Flight Varanasi-Delhi-Amritsar

16th and 17th of Sep. Staying in Amritsar (Golden Temple, Miri Piri Academy, Boarder with Pakistán, Shopping)

3 nights at the Holiday Inn Hotel (5 stars)

18 of Sep. Amritsar- Dharamsala by road

19th and 20th of Sep. Staying in Dharamsala (Visit of the Monastery where the Dalai Lama lives, excursions in the mountains, shopping)

3 nights at the Pride Surya Resort MaLoadGansh Hotel (4 stars)

21 of Sep. Dharamsala-Delhi (by road and plane)

Arriving to Delhi at the Meridien Hotel (5 stars)

22 of sep. Driving to Agra-Taj Mahal

1 night at the Japaye Palace Hotel

23 of Sep. Return to Delhi to the Indira Gandhi Airport and return back home

Any additional night will be invoiced upon authorization of the participant.






Includes: Hotel in Delhi with Breakfast, Hotel of the Retreat near Rishikesh (Sattva Retreat Center) with 3 meals -Breakfast, Lunch and dinner), local transport in group, pick up at the airports and train stations, local visits in group, taxis/buses. It does not include lunch and dinner in Delhi, tips, neither personal purchases. And probably in Rishikesh, day 10 and th of Se. You won’t be willing to go back to the Sattwa Retreat Center (15 kms) for lunch, so plz be ready to ay your own lunch these two days. It includes the Retreat-Workshop «Rebirthing, Liberation, Healing» of 5 days (5th in the morning till 10th of Sep. In the morning). Please see below programme and timing.

Shared Double Rooms: 1,800 usd (1pax)

Single Rooms: 2,300 usd (1 pax)


2d Part of the trip:

Includes: Hotels with Breakfasts, Train tickets, Flights, Local Transportation in group, Driving intercities (taxi/bus), local visit in group. It does not include lunchs and dinners, tips or personal purchases.

Shared Double Rooms: 2,100 usd (1pax)

Single Rooms: 2,600 usd (1pax)



Shared Double Rooms: 3,800 usd (1pax)

Single Rooms: 4,800 usd (1pax)


1st Trip:

15 of Dic. : 500 usd

15th of March: 500 usd

15th of May: balance

2d Trip:

15 of Dic. 800 usd

15 of March 800 usd

15th of May: Balance

Complete Trip:

15 of Dic. 800 usd

15 of Feb. 800 usd

15 of April 800 usd

15th of June: Balance



Discount on Complete Trip:

10 to 15 participants total: you receive 100 usd arriving in Delhi

15 to 20 participants you receive 200 usd arriving to Delhi

20 or more participants you receive 300 usd arriving to Delhi

For the ones who will travel one part (1st or second)

10 to 15 participants in their own part of the trip (Full participants included): the participant will receive 50 usd arriving to Delhi

15 to 20 participants in their own part of the trip (Full participants included): the participant will receive 100 usd arriving to Delhi

20 or more participants in their own part of the trip (Full participants included): the participant will receive 150 usd arriving to Delhi



The decision to get vaccinated is personal. If you decide to get vaccinated: polio, hepatitis, triple.


The visa is obtained on the Internet (less than 30 days of stay) in the embassies of the countries of origin. Arriving at Delhi Airport, go to the special queue of Pre-authorization of visas to get a seal in your  passport with the entrance to the country. Visas cannot be requested well in advance. When you request it, you must receive a response in less than 48 working hours.


In order to avoid health problems, we recommend eating a raw onion or its equivalent daily during the 30 days prior to leaving. Do not eat in India at any stand on the street. At the level of clothing, we recommend discretion, especially women (avoid jeans, miniskirts and tight pants, always have the shoulders and ankles covered in one way or another, although they can teach the navel … so are the differences of culture). Do not take a lot of clothes with you as you will have the opportunity to buy good and cheap clothes in India. The clothes used in India usually worns out very soon, because the country has a lot of pollution and one gets dirty very quickly.



as taught by Yogi Bhajan

at the Sattwa Retreat Center, near Rishikesh, India


«Rebirthing, Liberation, Healing» is a therapeutic workshop which is based on yoga and “meditation/medication” which will take us through our personal histories (ancestors, conception, pregnancy, childhood, teenage years) thanks to practising deep meditation, according to Yogi Bhajan’s teachings.\r\nThis therapeutic workshop contributes to the deep transformation of the Self, thanks to the internal work through the technology that Yogi Bhajan taught us, building a link at that very moment, with the heart and the internal self. And above all, this process will take us, at a subconscious level, to the mental, physical and spiritual space of “cleaning the house” from any sensation of pain, traumas, weakening of emotions which have not been adequately assimilated, frustrations, fear that dwells in us, anger that result from all these undigested feelings, depressions and “heart´s illnesses” which hinder literally the awareness of the present moment, because of the anxieties we experience all the time and separate us from the sensation of the divine presence of ourselves. We will explore together our liberation through a process of rebirthing and personal healing thanks to this ancient technology of healing our “Self”.


We invite you to share with us this process through deep meditations, so we may rebuild from bottom up our family relationships, so we become aware of painful memories from the childhood and release ourselves from unnecessary burdens of the past, so we heal what prevents us from moving forward and prosper in life… It’s time for us to be happy, to leave our fears, our traumas and our sensations of panic behind…

Jai Hari Singh

Timetable from the 5th to the 9th of September included:

5:00 to 7:00 am Sadhana (optional but highly recomended)

7:00 to 10:00 am Breakfast and personal Care

10:00 am to 1:30 pm: «Rebirthing, Liberation, Healing» (yoga and meditations)

2:00 pm LUNCH

4:00 to 6:00 pm Free Time, Siesta

6:00 to 8:00 pm: Meditation

8:30 pm: Dinner

10:00: Rest

Food strictly vegetarian

Visit the site for the Retreat




SEP 2017

02 SEP: Arrive Delhi: Arrive Delhi, meeting assistance and transfer to Hotel Le Meridien

03 SEP: Delhi: Morning tour of Delhi – Raj Ghat & Shanti Vana – the cremation sites of Mahatma Gandhi and, Jama Masjid and drive past Red Fort and Chandni Chowk. Afternoon visit the Qutub Minar built by Qutub-ud-Din Aibek in 1199, Humayun’s Tomb, India Gate and Lakshmi Narayan Temple. Also drive past President’s House, Parliament House and Government Secretariat Buildings. And /or Shopping.

04 SEP: Delhi/Haridwar train and drive to Rishikesh/Sattwa Retreat Center

Transfer to railway station to board train to Haridwar by Shatabdi 0645/1122 hours. Arrive and drive to Rishikesh/Sattwa Retreat Center. Check in at The Satwa Centre (by own).

05-11 SEP: Rishikesh/Sattwa Retreat Center: RETREAT: «Rebirthing, Liberation, Healing»

12 SEP: Rishikesh/Haridwar and train to Delhi. Drive to Haridwar railway station to board train to Delhi by Shatabdi at 1815/2245. Arrive and transfer to Hotel Le Meridien.

13 SEP: Delhi/Varanasi. Transfer to airport to board flight for Varanasi. Arrive and transfer to Hotel Ramada. Evening witness Aarti ceremony at Ghats.

14 SEP: Varanasi. Early morning boat ride and later city tour. Afternoon visit Sarnath.

15 SEP: Varanasi/Delhi Flights 1240/1415 and Delhi/Amritsar 1645/1755. Arrive and transfer to Hotel Holiday Inn

16 SEP: Amritsar. Morning visit the Golden Temple – The sacred Sikh sanctuary, marbled, bronzed & covered with gold leaf wherein the Guru Granth Sahib-The Bible of the Sikhs is placed reverently. Also see the Community kitchen (Langar) where 10000 pilgrims are fed daily on voluntary and complimentary basis. Visit the historic Jallianwala Bagh where Gen. Dyer’s bullets killed scores of innocent Indians and the beautiful Ram Bagh Gardens. Evening witness flag ceremony at Boarder.

17 SEP: Amritsar. Transport at disposal for 10 hours in group. within city limits. Visit Miri Piri Academy.

18 SEP: Amritsar/ Dharamshala (Mcloadganj). Drive to Dharamshala. Check in at Hotel Pride Surya Resort McLoadGansh

19 SEP: Dharamshala. Transport at disposal for 10 hours within city limits in group.

20 SEP: Dharamshala. Transport at disposal for 10 hours within city limits in group.

21 SEP: Dharamshala /Delhi flight. Transfer to airport to board flight for Delhi by at 1250/1430. Arrive and transfer to Hotel Le Meridien.

22 SEP: Delhi/Agra. Drive to Agra. Check in at Hotel Japaye Palace. Afternoon visit the Agra Fort.

23 SEP: Agra/Delhi and departure: Morning visit the world famous Taj Mahal built by the Moghul Emperor Shahjehan in 1630 for his Queen Mumtaz Mahal to enshrine her mortal remains.

Drive to Delhi airport to board flight for onward journey. Back home.

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